Physician Mortgage Refinance

Physician Mortgage Refinance

The physician mortgage refinance program does exist!  Better yet we have compiled the banks that offer them.  Here is the bare bones, no bull explanation of these specialty home loans.

The physician mortgage refinancing is similar to physician mortgage products but they allow you to refinance a traditional mortgage or existing physician mortgage! The physician refinancing mortgage products are designed physician’s unique needs in mind.


There are FOUR unique ways that make physician home loans the most practical choice.

  1. Low or Zero Down Payment 5-10% is typical
  2. No Private Mortgage Insurance(PMI) saving you up to 1% annually.  That is a $10,000 per year savings on a 1 million dollar home.
  3. Student loan debt not counted against you.  This allows you to qualify for a nicer home.
  4. Higher loan limits up to 5 million are available typically at the same rate

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