Highest Rent in the USA

By April 18, 2016Life Coach, Loan Talk

How much rent would you pay to live the city of your dreams?

We all know some cities are just expensive…But how do they compare?  Below is a list of the most expensive rent by city compiled together by apartmentlist.com as of March 2016.  All rents are the median price for a two bedroom apartment. Enjoy!

Nationwide Median Rent  – $1,300

  1. San Francisco, CA – $4,780
  2. New York, NY – $4,450
  3. Jersey City, NJ – $3,080
  4. Washington D.C – $2,990
  5. Boston, MA – $2,900
  6. San Jose, CA – $2,640
  7. Los Angeles – $2,630
  8. Seattle, WA – $2,390
  9. Stamford, CT – $2,380
  10. Miami, FL – $2,000

Remember to keep the cost of renting and living expenses in mind for your next step in your medical journey.  That huge offer you received might not be as big as you first thought! Of course there are significantly more things to consider than just cost vs income.

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